About us

The Prelude Songwriters Club is proudly located in the center of Downtown Harlingen. We have live music every weekend where songwriters from across the country as well regional and local artists craft and polish their original music. We are open to the public for community outreach events like Game Night, Poetry Night, Kids Day etc., as well as our regular live music weekends. Our space features a beautiful, dimly lit ambiance; exposed historic brick walls set the perfect backdrop to our custom-built wooden stage. Complimenting the nuances of every acoustic performance is our high-end professional sound system helmed by experienced and certified sound engineers. The Prelude Songwriters Club is an all-ages public event space; however, we do not censor content as our mission is to nurture our artists. The kitchen offers delicious made-from-scratch desserts and baked goods, as well as a mix of simple but tasty hot sandwiches, chili dogs, and vegetarian options in an ever-expanding menu. We serve soft drinks, a selection of teas, and Katz Coffee, an all organic and award-winning coffee company based out of Houston, TX.

The Prelude Songwriters Club spends the other days and nights cultivating songwriters at any experience level, from first timers to veterans. Our services that help grow the songwriter culture in Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley include: Songwriting Workshops & Classes, Guitar Lessons, an in-house Guitar Repair Shop, and even Pre-Owned Instrument Sales. Open House for our musician-based services as well as updates on upcoming events is every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Call us for more info:

(956) 335 – 5173

The Prelude Songwriters Club