Guitar Lessons


The Prelude Songwriters Club offers guitar lessons to the public in both ensemble and private instruction formats. The goal of our guitar classes is to give budding artists the tools that they need to succeed and grow in the modern music landscape, including proper playing technique, an understanding of the various musical  notation forms, and how to use tools such as pedals, amps, microphones and tuners/metronomes to enhance their practice and performance and maintain their instrument.

Topics Covered

  • Proper hand and body positioning     
  • Standard music notation reading in the first position
  • Tablature and chord block reading
  • Six chord shapes
  • Instrument maintenance
  • Demo and video recordings
  • Two scales
  • Showcase performance
  • “Tools of the trade”
  • Ensemble song selections (songs of choice for private students)

Ensemble Lessons:  $40 for the 1st month then $50 thereafter.

  • Each class is 30mins
  • Time slots will be scheduled by experience level/age group
  • Up to 6 students per class
  • Night school available

Private Lessons: $60 for the 1st month then $75 thereafter.

  • Each class is 30 mins
  • Time slots will be scheduled by availability
  • Private one-on-one instruction
  • Night school available

Registration is currently open for classes beginning Mon. 2/27! 

To learn more or sign up, give us a call at (956) 335-5173.