Songwriting Classes

The Prelude cultivates new and experienced songwriters. We focus on education and assistance for performing songwriters, both future and present. Co-Owner Angel Corsi has continued to grow the songwriter culture in the Rio Grande Valley by offering a variety of musician-based workshops but now has put his focus on the serious songwriter.

Songwriter Breakthrough is a 16 week workshop series that has been designed and developed for the beginning and advanced singer-songwriter. The program covers everything from the psychology of getting your idea from pen to page, lyric writing techniques and exercises for better songwriting, introduction to song styles and even artist development such as branding yourself by finding your most authentic self. Also covered is industry information such as demystifying music publishing, licensing, copyright and royalties.

“Songwriting is like a magic trick; you can either believe that there is some mysterious force, or you can choose to see it as a craft that you nurture, grind and practice every day. The illusion is sometimes just as impressive, but that doesn’t mean there is a foolproof secret to writing iconic songs. I choose to believe in both. I think either choice is okay and perfectly acceptable, but if you can find the balance between the “magic” and the “trick” then you really have something. -Angel Corsi (Co-Owner & Instructor for Songwriter Breakthrough)

The Songwriter Breakthrough program has circulating classes in which you learn tools and concepts for lyric and creative writing, steps to get from an idea to a song, non-biased critique, as well as song circles to help workshop your songs among your peers. Check out the breakdown below for pricing and subjects taught during Angel’s SB series.

You will be able to obtain materials straight from the course including live audio recordings and links. You will even have access to a private group on social media in which to discuss and get feedback from your peers and instructor. Also available for anyone not located in the Rio Grande Valley Counties is remote online viewing at a discounted price! “Song Chasers” are privy to a 15% discount on Songwriter Breakthrough, signing up for the Song Chasers Writing Guild is FREE and can be done at Angel’s website:

Become a Song Chaser and get 15% off this program & be allowed to attend our Song Chaser weekly meetups to be around more like minded artists in a private setting.

Songwriter Breakthrough Workshop series breakdown…

Reg. Price: $195 or 3 payments of $65

Song Chasers Discount: $165.75 or 3 payments of $55.25

Online Only: $175.50 or 3 payments of $58.50 (must be outside the RGV counties to qualify.)

Course Length: 16 weeks

Week 1 – 4:  Terminology | Communication through song | Lyric Writing 101 | How to develop ideas | Compositional Elements

Week 5 – 8: Rhymes | Phrasing & Body Language | How to best use syllables | P.O.V Writing | Song Styles 101

Week 9 – 12: Hiding Perspective | Effective Repetition | Affective vs Cognitive Communication | Immediate Impact | Hooks & Grooves | Metaphors | Sensory Writing

Week 13 – 16: Stage Performance Coaching | Feedback & Critique | Music Publishing & Copyrights 101 | Artist Development

Length: 90mins per class | Once a Week

Class Schedule (subject to change.): Every Monday @ The Prelude 113 East Jackson Ave. – Harlingen,TX – 7pm to 8:30pm

Must be 15+ & willing to perform in front of your peers. Basic understanding of instrument is required, if you are a vocalist or lyricist, you must have a willing partner that can create music for you for an additional fee. ($20.00)

Latest enrollment period: Sept. 25 – Oct. 1st 2017 (Class begins Monday Oct. 2nd)

To be notified or register & pay for enrollment, please fill out the contact form below or call us at (956) 335-5173. Credit/Debit Accepted.